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Community Service Superstar of the Week
This weeks community service superstar will be featured here.

May 19, 2019 - May 26, 2019

  • Alessia Prenda

    When looking back at the community service opportunities I’ve participated in this past year, all I can do is smile. My family volunteers at almost every Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event in the book —my grandmother passed of the disease— so the majority of hours I’ve earned have been an effort to help researchers get closer to the cure of such a decimating epidemic in our country. Nearly 1 in 3 American citizens will die of this if we do not take this seriously. I was the youngest junior advocate in the country to go to the National ALZ Forum Last Year in Washington, D.C. and ask senators to raise funding for research as well. For the walks, I would arrive around 4 or 5 in the morning to help set the field, tents, and water stations up and then remain there helping here and there throughout the event until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I plan to do this for years to come. Along with this, I also work every week as an assistant Holy Communion Class teacher with my mother on Mondays and teach Vacation Bible School at my parish in the summer. Truthfully, my best friends in the whole world have been made during my experience at VBS, and I’ve learned what it truly means to put your heart into Service instead of doing it because you ‘have to.’ In fact, I actually babysit one of the kids from last year’s group named Reagan and it’s such a relief to spend time around these joyful kids who aren’t burdened with life’s troubles yet. I’m so grateful for my service opportunities and I can’t wait to reach my goal of 200 service hours next year!